Your VIBE determines your TRIBE

Your VIBE determines your TRIBE

If you have already been using our mushroom extracts, you’ll notice the phrase “Raise Your Vibrational Energy” and we want to explain what that means.

The concept of elevating one’s “vibrational energy” comes from the physical concept that every object, right down to an atom displays resonant vibrational behaviors/frequencies.

Research has shown that objects, especially living things, will converge their vibrational frequencies with others that are close by--- especially if they are already “vibrating” at a similar frequency.

Vibrational energy experts claim that emotions and thought patterns associated with states of higher consciousness (i.e., joy, peace, altruism, and acceptance) create high frequency vibrations. Whereas, feelings and mindsets of fear, anger, and despair vibrate at a lower frequency.


“Flow” is the term used by researchers describing an optimal state of consciousness. A state of consciousness where time stands still, senses are integrated, you are fully present in the moment, and cognitively engaged. Many describe this state as being “in the zone” or “hyper-focused”.

Flow is the state where challenges get you excited and are quickly met with focused hard work to completion. This is the state when hard work provides fulfillment and happiness, not frustration and stress. Flow only occurs when your VIBE is resonating at the highest optimal frequency.

From a neuro-physiological perspective, chronic stress and flow state are incompatible.

Stress is something experienced by us all and has positive and negative effects on our lives. In our world we have an abundance of opportunities to experience negative stress (distress) and positive stress (eustress) on a daily basis.

Work stress, diet stress, financial stress, commuting stress, parental and family stress, and relationship stress are all examples of common stressors that contribute to our daily allostatic (stress) load. However, if such stress is left unmanaged it can “hijack” your VIBE.

Chronic stress significantly impacts our body’s neurotransmitters and hormones, leading to unhealthy changes in behavior, mood, and immunity.

Once a stress-threshold is met, our “stress system” releases epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and cortisol, which motivate us fight or escape the stressor. This is a primitive, “low-vibe” state.

With chronic stress, optimized consciousness fails, and low vibrational energy prevails

High levels of “bad stress” over-activates a stress center in the brain called the amygdala. In this state your brain is said to be under “amygdala hijack”-- a neuro-physiological environment which is incompatible with achieving high vibrational energy and flow state.

This chronically low vibration state promotes mood swings, irritability, relationship issues, lethargy, lack of creativity, anxiety & depressive symptoms, lack of libido, brain fog, low immunity, unhealthy behaviors, and disease.

Protect your vibe—use Vibe Mushroom extracts daily!

Vibe Mushrooms organic pharmaceutical-grade extracts are specifically formulated to:

• Improve mood, immunity, and overall wellbeing
• Increase physical, mental, and sexual performance
• Support cognitive function, stress resilience, and mental health

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