The concept of “raising one’s vibrational energy” refers to living with a higher level of consciousness. Those who truly “vibe at high frequency” live their lives with intent, self-awareness, presence, empathy, and mindfulness.

The neural correlates of consciousness are the neural events that must occur in the brain for higher consciousness to exist. Unfortunately, living in a fast paced and stressful environment with poor sleep habits, poor diet, and lack of physical activity promotes neural inflammation and altered neural events in the brain. This unhealthy environment leads to deleterious ‘rewiring’ of the brain, thereby lowering one’s level of consciousness or “vibrational energy”.

Vibe pharmaceutical-grade functional mushroom extracts are fungi supplements with proven medicinal properties scientifically shown to promote stress-resilience, improved mood and cognition, support neurogenesis (healthy ‘rewiring’ of the brain), elevate energy levels, and improve immunity. Simply put, Vibe mushroom extracts RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.


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