Functional mushroom extracts are concentrated sources of the healthy medicinal ingredients that each mushroom strain has to offer.

When compared to inferior dried whole mushroom powders, Vibe mushroom extracts contain the highest potency and greatest health benefits. This is because our innovative extraction process gets rid of the stuff you don’t need and concentrates all the stuff you do need.


At Vibe, our process starts by selectively using either organic fermented mycelium or organic mushroom fruiting body as starting material for extraction. We take this step of the process very seriously because many of the important medicinal components of functional mushrooms are concentrated in these different ‘parts’.

Our gentle mushroom extraction processes use alcohol, hot water, or both (dual-extract) to isolate, concentrate, and standardize the alcohol and/or water-soluble compounds like Beta-D-Glucan, Polysaccharides, Polyphenols, Terpenes, Triterpenoids, Erinacines, Adenosine, Cordycepin, etc.


Check out our full disclosure labelling because it tells you, what part of the mushroom we have extracted its medicinal components from, how it was extracted, and the full potency of the medicinal components we concentrated (which are 3rd party tested/verified by 3 independent labs).

Overall, using this science-based approach to mushroom extraction enables us to have complete control over the potency, quality, and consistency in each of our products. This is what makes Vibe Mushrooms stand out among all other brands.

Why should you care? Our science-backed approach to extraction produces the most effective medicinal-grade mushrooms available today. We guarantee that when you use Vibe Mushroom extracts you not only get the highest potency for the greatest health benefit, but you can also be assured that every batch of Vibe Mushrooms retains the highest quality, potency, and value.